Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Guest Album - Flip Flap Album & True Fit Folio's

 Close up of Inside of album (Aren't they the cutest couple!)
 Front with right side open
 Front with left side open
 Front with top open
Completely Open!

This is a little album that kept me busy this Spring.  My Niece asked me if I would like to make her Wedding Guest Book.  So we sat down & figured up what would be fun & unique to do.  I thought it would be fun to do it in an album, that way she can stick it in her wedding album just like a scrapbook page.  I needed a lot of open pages for room for the guests to sign, & make it so it would not be too bulky.  This is what I came up with!  I had so much fun doing this album, & it was VERY hard to have those open spaces for signatures, because I'm used to filling those "blanks" up with fun stuff!  
 True Fit Folio - Front Cover
 True Fit Folio - Inside
 True Fit Folio - Backside
True Fit Folio Backwards (Cover & Backside)

We weren't sure how much she would need to sign, & since they were doing their reception where she was from, & then another Open house where the Groom was from, we decided to make this extra "Page" just in case, which was perfect by the time they finished up both their receptions, they had all of these pages filled, with just a little bit to spare!
Those little flourishes were SOOOO time consuming to cut out & glue, 
but LOVE how they look when done!
So much fun to Papercraft!  
Thanks for looking!

Product I used:
Close To My Heart (CTMH) Memory Protectors
CTMH Memory Protector flip flap assortmant
CTMH True Fit Folio's
CTMH cardstock some retired & some still available
CTMH Bitty Opaques Pearl adhesive gems
CTMH Opaques Adhesive Gems - Pearl
CTMH Ink & sponges for distressing
Misc CTMH embelishments that have retired
Silver Cardstock (other brand)
Silhouette Machine
Silhouette various shapes & titles
Sewing machine

Monday, July 15, 2013

Close To My Heart Display Tray

I've been excited to decorate this Display Tray from Close To My Heart ever since they came out with it.  Unfortunately, whenever I wanted to do something with it, I couldn't come up with something that really inspired me!  Then the other day while I'm trying to play with some of the new 2013 Autumn/Winter product, I got an idea what to do with this!  Of course, this happens when I need to be working on the new product....But I'm not going to complain, I finally got something done!

I have so many of my boy's wallet size baseball pictures, & thought how cute this would be to do kind of like a timeline of their baseball pictures.  So here is the final results!  The only problem is, I had so much fun with it, that now I want to order about 4 more of these Display Trays & do one for each of my boys!  That way I can just add the pictures each year as I get them!   It was fun to journal each picture of the year it was taken, their team, the position they played, & their jersey # (in the older leagues).  I figured I would have to either start another one for next year since I will have my youngest start playing for the first time next year.  Hunter is even missing a year on here.  The first year he played on the Orioles, the photo company who took the pictures lost the whole teams pictures, so I actually should have another one of Hunter's on the board.  But I figured it would be fun to do one for each of them to put in their rooms!  What a keepsake for them to have, & so much fun to see how much they grow & change each year!

This would also be fun for a school year timeline.  It has 12 frames so 1st grade to Grad! Or K to 11 & frame their grad picture next to it.  So many possibilities!  Perfect for using all those wallet size pictures you have left!
Thanks for looking!

Tools I used:
CTMH Display Tray Z1750 $19.95
CTMH Cardstock
Baseball Stickers
SVG/PNG Logos of the baseball teams cut with my Silhouette machine
"Love Baseball" Silhouette
White Marker

Friday, July 12, 2013

Close To my Heart's 2013 Autumn/Winter Idea Book Sneak Peek!

 Cover of the Idea Book

Cricut Cartridge "Artbooking Collection"

 Base & Bling
 Designed Decor Frame Kit
 My Crush "Bluebird Book"
My Crush "Modville Book"

Love when the new Idea Books come out!  And as usual, can't wait to show them off!  These are some spoilers for you to enjoy!
2013 Autumn/Winter Idea Book will be available August 1st, 2013!
Watch for news of my Open House coming soon.....

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Information OVERLOAD!!!

I feel like I have dropped off the end of the earth!  I'm sure any of you who have been checking out my blog have been wondering the same thing!  The last post I did was in March, that was before all the "craziness" started in our lives!
Baseball season started.........
Last year I had 3 boys in baseball, & it was busy, but we have NEVER been this busy!  This year I still had 3 boys in baseball, but 2 of them are in the "bigger" leagues, & man what a difference that makes!  Hunter is now in the Pinto League, & Chase started his first year in the Mustang league.  So 6 games a week, practice an hour before each game (for Hunter, & Chase) practices on Monday, & Saturdays, & every once in awhile a surprise practice at the last minute.  Some nights we had 3 boys playing at once, whether it was 2 games & 1 practice or even 3 games some nights!
Then things got even more crazy, my sweet Hubby got a new calling in church.  We got a whole new Bishopric, & he is now the 2nd Counselor in our bishopric.....
Then, my oldest Son, Hunter's team had some unfortunate things happen during the season & we lost his coach.  Vic, my hubby was already assistant coach to the team, & now turned THE Coach!
So yeah, LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY around here, LOL!

So MANY Apologies to those of you who are my wonderful customers & have been waiting.....waiting.....& waiting on me!  I've missed so much & can't wait to get back to crafting!

So as you can see, I have been posting so many posts that I'm behind on!  The "Information Overload"! I'm sorry the Card Swap Club cards are very limited to cards.  I'm not the only one who is busy this Summer, & I hope to be getting more of the cards in to post!  I didn't want to post the last few months because there have only been my cards, but I needed to get them posted anyway.  So hopefully soon you will be seeing more of the other Ladies cards added to the post when I get them.

 My 9 year old's team made it to State this year, so we have only 3 more days of baseball & then we are done for the rest of the season!  My oldest decided to wait till next year to be on an accelerated team again, so that will give us more time too!  It's a good thing I love baseball! :)  Next year I will have ALL 4 of my boys playing!

I'm glad to be back & hopefully will be making it up to all of you with some fun new things posted, & new giveaways too!
Thanks again for being so patient with me!  Love all of my wonderful customers, you guys are the BEST!

Work the Workshop - July's Promotion!

Get the Workshops On The Go Canvas Art Kit for 50% off through the month of July!  Regular $39.95, you can now get it for only $19.95!
I loved how this turned out when I made it with my Family pictures on it!  It's a great addition to your home decor!

"Let's Get Patriotic" Promotion

 B1437 $13.95

D1576 $17.95
Also available is the Canada Stamp set.

Purchase these special stamp sets to support the military.  Available only June 1st through July 31st, 2013!  CTMH will donate $3 from each B size stamp set sold, & $5 from each D-size stamp set sold. The donations will go to USO, the leading, most recognized military-support & services organizes in the country!  

Baseball Coach "Thank You" Cards for 2013

 Only had to make 1 card for Colton's, 2 for Chase's, but had to make 3 for Hunters.

 You can tell these boy's used their hats well!  Extremely dirty!

 Chase's - Cubs
 Colton's - Orioles
Hunter's - Mariners

This year, I had to make another 3 different Thank You cards for my boy's teams.  The nice thing about it was that the "Cubs" one is new.  I already had the Orioles & Mariners logos on file from years past!
Love making these cards for the Coaches!

June 2013 Card Swap Club Cards

 Another card inspired by Cardmaker magazine.
Inside of card

May 2013 Card Swap Club Cards

 Another fun card inspired by Cardmaker magazine
Card pulled all the way open

April 2013 Card Swap Club Cards

 Inspired by Cardmaker magazine

March 2013 Card Swap Club Cards

 This card was inspired by this way cute fabric!

 Inside of this card

Inside of this card

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