Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cub Scouts Den Doodle

 Before Picture
 After Painted, modge podged, & hooked!
Finished Project!

Here is one of the reasons why I am so behind on post's lately!  Since I have been called in as assistant Cub Scout Master, my life has been even busier than before!  Most of us are all new to this, & the "clean up" has kept us busy!  You could say our Cub Scout programs hasn't been at its greatest the last few years, so we have been busy, busy!
This is a fun Den Doodle to keep our Cub Scouts motivated to come to scouts.  Each leather string holds a feather I made with my Silhouette, with each boy's name & then laminated, stuck on hemp, & then on the leather.  Each time the boys come to scouts they can earn up to 3 beads a meeting, 1 for coming, 1 for wearing their scout shirt, & 1 for bring their scout book.  Once they hit 12 or 15 beads (can't remember, my brain is so boggled) they will earn a candy bar!  Then we take the beads off & start over.  So far it's been a hit with the boys!  We have so many Cubs, it's crazy, & maybe only half of them actually show up.  We are hoping to get as many as we can that is in our ward & get our Cub Scout program back up to par!

We were trying to come up with ideas for a stand or post, & I remembered I had this wood Eagle cut out probably 10 or more years ago, & never finished.  So it worked out great for this project!
I just wanted to show how much papercrafting can be fun for just about anything!
Thanks for looking!

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